When does my order ship? How can I track a package?

We are a uniquely small operation, and with our limited staff we generally ship packages out on Tuesday and Fridays. For special holiday seasons orders do go out more frequently. When you place your order on the website you provide an email address, and you will receive an email on the evening that your package(s) ships. This email will contain the tracking number for the package(s), which you can then use to track your package.


Do you ship internationally?

Currently, we are only shipping our product within the United States, but if you have interest in an international order, please send us a message via our contact page


Can I place an order when I am outside of the United States?

Unfortunately our website is unable to accept orders from international IP addresses (other than Canada) at this time. Also, for specialty orders done via email or phone, we are unable to process international credit cards or orders originating from an international IP address.


What is your return policy?

Because we sell a perishable product, we generally do not take returns, but if you are unsatisfied in any way with any of our perishable products, please contact us and we will do anything we can to make your experience with Creaux Mustard a pleasant one.


Besides the Creaux Mustard website, where else can I find Creaux products?

Our products will soon be available beyond CreauxMustard.com in local shops and other online retailers. Check back to the website in the future for a list of retailers in your area. Until then, please check our social media channels (linked in the footer) for local events in Portland, Oregon, and opportunities when we take this mustard show on the road.


How do I place a wholesale order for my retail store?

We would love to speak with you about carrying Creaux Mustard products your store! Please call us at 1-971-373-6313, or send us a message via our contact page.


Who is your shipping carrier? Can I chose an alternate shipment option?

Our primary shipping carrier is USPS, which allows the most cost effective way to get our mustard to you. If you are ordering by the case and wishing to use a different carrier, please send us a message via our contact page so we can contact you directly about your speciality order.


Extreme Weather and Shipping

Note, we do not ship our product in insulated containers or include cooling materials—ice packs, dry ice, or both—for any orders. Because of this, please be aware of any extreme weather that may impede the quality of our product shipped to you. Our mustard can handle most seasonal weather during transport, but unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee instances when very extreme cold or warm weather can affect the product quality during shipment.


Contact Us for Order Questions

Please use the form on the contact page. Please ensure you include your order number and details so we can be in touch.